If you are an event coordinator, or board of directors, looking to consider our application as a vendor


are looking for a local beekeeping business to sell local honey at your Markets or Festival,


in need of an educational booth on biology and conservation of the Honey Bee to set up at your event this page is is designed for you.


Observation Hive

This Observation Hive is fully contained and can be brought inside as well as stay several days at an outside event. It lets children and adults alike get a rare glimpse into the daily routines and inner workings of a colony of Honey Bees. Education topics include life cycle of Queen, female worker Honey Bees, and the Drones which is a stinger less Male Bee. The jobs each bee performs throughout it's life time at appropriate age. How honey is made, including pollination of 1/3 of our food supply plus cotton, tobacco, and forests.


Our products

All of our products have either honey or other bee by-products in them, have a Honey Bee theme, or somehow related to the Honey Bee. Such as our Calendula & Honey soap. Bees forage on this flower and it grows in our pollinator garden.

Our fresh local eggs come from a Chicken Rescue that is also Hive Host and chickens help to control SHB (small hive beetle)which can overtake a hive. One of our Virginia Beach  Satellite Apiaries is located at this Rescue.

set up.jpg

Our setup

We have a 10 x10 commercial canopy with 4 panel sides and an awning. 3 tables and two stools, 4 merchandise shelves made of reclaimed pallet wood for that rustic farm look. A company Banner. hanging battery lantern for evening. a large and medium cooler for items needing cold temps such as eggs, beeswax, chunk honey, cut comb honey and creamed honeys. If Observation NUC is to be displayed it is placed between to shelves behind the Company Logo frame. we use 15 lb of weight per leg for windy conditions. Current business licences, health dept and VDAC inspection sheets, Insurance certificate and State taxation number certificates all displayed in frames on sides of merchandise stands conspicuously. we use Square POS and accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discovery for the convenience of our customers. Our Decor is rustic in hues of lavender, and gold, with white backdrop panels. accents are galvanized metal.