Honeypot colors


About the Artist, Kristine Smith, An excerpt; 

"The joy making pottery brings me by sculpting, forming and allowing the clay to run through my hands, the meditative peace of working in my studio is why I am first a potter and then everything else.


 Pottery allows me to express my emotions through form and to bring those expressions to others. I believe it is the process of making different forms that brings me the most satisfaction, learning how to make something beautiful and to have it be enjoyed by others. From the science of creating my own glazes to the art of adding imagery to anything I create or surfaces I work on creating objects brings harmony and peace to my life that I want to share with the world.


 Envisioning my work in people's homes as they enjoy using it, filling their cabinets, on dining room tables, and displayed throughout their homes allows me to feel like a positive influence in their life. From the simple cup of coffee that starts a day to the family meal that brings everyone together, to a favorite piece that makes someone smile when they need it creating art brings me the greatest of joys."