Our Honey

A large selection of Honey to fit every desire and need. Whether you are interested in mead making and need a large amount or just a small souvenir size to take home from a festival we have you covered. We offer a selection of Artisan Honey that is hard to find in a variety of flavors and styles All of out products are registered, approved and been inspected with VDAC.


local raw honey

Never filtered and never heated. Honey is collected from our hives located in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Suffolk. Our product is bottled in a commercial kitchen inspected the  Virginia Health Department and VDAC. Each glass bottle is also tamper-proof sealed for your safety.


Angry Bee Jalapeno honey

Our Artisan honey will light your taste buds up! Just enough heat to compliment the sweetness of honey. If you like Jalapenos this ones for you. Try it on fried chicken, cornbread or with brie cheese and crackers or a creamcheese covered bagel.

2018-07-29 10.20.29.jpg

Artisan chunk honey

An older tradition and rarely seen today is Chunk Honey. This beautiful Hexagonal jar with gold lid and gift tag is filled with some of our most treasured delicate cut comb surrounded by our honey. this product is extremely limited as we only harvest one super off one of out hive located in Norfolk per year. 

cut comb.jpg

Cutcomb honey

A product that is rarely seen in stores unless you go to artisan or gourmet markets.  in Honey Shows around the World. Especially in the UK it is extremely sought after. We produce a very limited supply out of one hive located in Norfolk. It is to delicate to ship. only avaliable locally.

peach creamed honey.jpg

Artisan creamed honey

Available in Natural, Peach and Strawberry flavors. Always pushing the limits of our taste buds; we developed a wonderfully addicting creation. Creamed Honey is also known as Whipped Honey is easy to use as it spreads like jam.