Our Soaps

Each one of our soaps are created out of fine ingredients, using honey or other bee products, Some have herbs, fruit peels and flowers from our garden for pollinators. Each bar was developed with certain places or people we love in mind.

enchanted garden.jpg

Enchanted Garden

Let your mind retreat to the summer garden where Lavender smells very tranquil on the rich, lush bar. The  scent of Jasmine blooming follow the lavender. Adorned with Lavender buds picked from our beds.

magnolia blush (2).jpg


The sweet smell of Magnolias reminding you of love. The innocence and purity of it. Combined with a mock rose quartz appearance to symbolize love. Rose quartz has been used in rituals and ceremonies for centuries. Makes a wonderful gift.



Gentle cleansing is complimented by the delicate smell of this wonderful bar. It's like a warm oatmeal cookie. This bar contains our pure Raw Honey, Oats and Milk. Great for those with sensitive skin issues.


Under the leaves

Developed for the nature lovers who take joy in the smell of the forest, moss that grows in the shade of mature hardwood forests, and the smell of the earth covered in leaves as you walk by. Developed and dedicated to the state of Michigan.



Our Honey Oat bar has the highest amount of our honey in it. Combined with oats and vanilla this bar has a wonderful scent as well as beneficial honey to pamper sensitive skin.

sunshine spice (2).jpg

Sunshine Spice

What a delight! This bar smells like Spice drop Candy! This soap has grated lime peel mixed through it from our greenhouse. This bar has a citrus and spice scent. This is a great bar for those who prefer edible scents over floral.



This soap is a summer favorite of our customers. It has an uplifting and refreshing scent that is a wonderful in any kitchen. This soap leaves you feeling refreshed -try using it in a post workout bath.